"Fandom" in the 21st century has been overtaken by film and television, anime, manga, comics, gaming, etc. We're glad that Fans of these things have their own communities, but these things are not our primary interests.

We are stubbornly committed to literary SF. Speculative Fiction.

Scientifiction. Fantasy. Horror. Mythopoeia. Fantastika.

The Greater Binghamton Area once had an organized SF Fandom. I don't know any more about it than what is written at Fancyclopedia: Terminal Beach Club: A club formed at SUNY Binghamton in Upstate New York in the late 60s which lasted until the mid-70s. After most of the members dispersed, APABingy was started to keep in touch. The group ran TANSTAAFLCon and had a short-lived clubzine called Son of a Beach. After the club dispersed it called itself Binghamton Fandom and held an annual invitational relaxacon called Bingycon in Binghamton until the mid-80s. The club's name was chosen more out of desperation -- no one could think of anything else -- than out of any love of J. G. Ballard's works.

I am writing this in 2022. I have been living in Broome County for 15+ years. I've met a lot of Media Fans. I have yet to meet many Literary Fans. Where are you?

This resurrection of the Terminal Beach Club is an attempt to find the Sfnal People of Broome County. Reveal yourselves. Come out and play.

One of the things we do is read together. Here is the link to our current reading schedule.

And here's a link to our list of current TBC members.

The primary place for online discussion is the TBC Discord server: https://discord.gg/9eqsZFtVSy